Advanced Construction Technique In Civil Engineering – Mivan Technology Techtars

Advanced Construction Technique In Civil Engineering – Mivan Technology


In recent times due to globalization, the construction industry has started working with new technology. This report is based on the modern method of construction and smart material that can be used to enhance the construction technique. With a growing focus on “Housing for All” the use of new construction techniques. One such technology is “ MIVAN TECHNOLOGY ” has been explaining in the first report.


Mivan is the name of the company which invented ‘aluminum formwork’. So it often called Mivan Technology.

Mivan technology is the advanced construction technique in civil engineering. The construction industry is one of the biggest industry in the world which contribute high towards the global GDP. Due to increasing population on the earth surface, the demand for housing also increasing. Now keeping in view of providing affordable shelter to masses, adoption of cost-effective technology assumes greater significance. Today there is growing realization speed of construction given great importance. This technology reduces the time for construction to complete.

Case Study

Nowadays developing cities are adopting Mivan technology. Navi – Mumbai is developed by using this technology. City and Industrial Development Corporation and Organization (CIDCO) of Maharashtra responsible for the development of   Navi – Mumbai. CIDCO implement the method of construction like Mivan Formwork for sustainable development of  Navi – Mumbai.

Construction Process

1. Well arrangement of reinforcing steel

Mivan technology reinforcement

Well arrangement of steel is required to give support to the concrete and definite structure to the building. Half of the strength of building is achieved with the help of steel reinforcement. Reinforcement have tendency to achieve high tensile strength but concrete does not possess this property hence reinforcement is important

2. Aluminium formwork

Mivan technology techtars

To made formwork easy to handle aluminum is used. The space for windows, ducts, doors, staircases are also integrated into the structure. This aluminum formwork is joint by using pin and wedge system.

3. Pouring of concrete

After placing steel reinforcement and aluminum formwork concrete is poured in between formwork. This concrete posses high strength. The formwork used in Mivan technology can be used 250 times, resulting reducing minimum waste from the concrete site.

concrete pouring mivantechnology techtars

Merits of Mivan Technology:-

  • Seismic Resistance
  • Durable
  • Reduced construction time
  • Reduced requirement for skilled labor
  • Negligible labor intensive  work
  • Smooth finish
  • Negligible maintenance requirement
  • Limited wastage

Demerits of Mivan Technology:-

  • Visible finishing lines
  • Less scope of modification/alterations
  • Requires uniform planning
  • Can have contraction cracks


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