How To Create A Free Blog-Website With Blogger TechTars

How To Create A Free Blog-Website With Blogger

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Many people want that they have at least one blog to express their thoughts. Having a blog is a great thing. You can make lots of money from your blog

At the first time at TechTars I write about making a website with blogger there are so many platforms to make a blog but I always recommend blogger and WordPress. In all aspect, WordPress is better than blogger, except one i.e. cost. The cost of WordPress is more while blogger is free of cost. It can be conveniently used by adding a third-party domain. You can buy themes of blogger free of cost.

Techtars blogger The person which have no experience in blogging he can start with blogger. You are taking blogging seriously then WordPress is the best option. WordPress is more powerful than blogger.It is very easy to access your website. To make your blog more popular and earn money them WordPress is the best option, although I tell you how to make a free blog on blogger.

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Steps to create free blog on blogger

Go to the website and log in by using google account. If you have no google account (Gmail) account, create one for free.At the first time, you have asked to choose google plus profile or limited Blogger profile, I would recommend using google plus profile. Once you logged in click on new blog.

Naming your blog:

First, you have to give a name to your blog and select your domain name.Select the blog template as you wish. In future, you can change it.

Click on create a blog.Now your blog is created. Now you have done some setting to make it easy for you.


Now you are on Blogger dashboard. Click on “post” >”New post” and start writing your first post.

After Adding SEO friendly content hit on Publish. Congratulations Now your blog is live.

After making your successful blog you can also earn money from your blog by enabling ” Adsense” on your blogger


“Settings”> “Earnings” and enable Adsense

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