Huawei’s new MateBook X Pro laptop has incredibly tiny bezels


Huawei is not sending messages of another leader telephone to Mobile World Congress this year, however, there is a trio of big-screening gadgets to fit into it. To get started, Huawei’s new workstation, Matbook X Pro. Like a year ago, like Metbok X, its show is a fascinating framework with a lot of thin bezel around – Huawei claims that 91 percent of screen-to-body proportions

The touchscreen is a surface-style 3: 2 angle ratio of 13.9 inches inclination and a fixation of 3000 x 2000. Since Bezle is not too small, Huawei has included a webcam with the console of Matbook X Pro to dodge the uncompromising camera position found on gadgets such as the XPS 13 of Dual.

Inside, the Matbook X Pro Eighth Edition uses the Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and has discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX150 GPU. There are two USB-C ports, one USB-A port, one with a built-in unique fingerprint scanner, is a power catch, and either space comes in the dim or “spirituality silver”, which does not speak extraordinary spiritualist for me It measures at least three pounds (1.33 kg).

The most related issue of Matbook X was its battery life, and Huawei is guaranteeing that you can “work continuously” on Pro for 14 hours. In this incident the PC actually receives that figure, it will be remarkable, yet we know how these things are known regularly.


On the closure of the new PCs, Huwai is pushing the most recent sections in 8-inch M5 and 10.8-inch M5 Pro in the long-running media pad area of Android tablets organization. Two tablets come in “Space Dame” (yes) or champagne gold, there are 2560 x 1600 presentations, charging on USB-C, Huwei uses variations of their own Kirin 960 processor, and Android runs Oreo. Apart from this, they do not have earphone jack, which is a curious choice for bullets.

The difference between the previous size, M5 and M5 Pro … is essentially the opposite between the iPad and iPad Pro, which states that the console of Pro Model is a three-stick connector for adornment, in which a quad speaker Works with clusters and an included stylus. M-Pen has 4,096 levels on the power of weight and should get 50 days battery life after 100 minutes of charge.

Estimated this week is estimated by Huawei’s Mattebook X Pro 1,4 9 Euro ($ 1842), and Mediapad M5 has 349 Euro ($ 429) for the 8.4-inch optimization and 399 Euro for 10-inch display ($ 490).

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