Track Tesla Roadster in space with this website


Space X CEO Elon Musk launched his Red Tessel Roadster in space. There are car rotating cameras which provide a live stream of space for a few hours. But if you want to know where the car is in the car – there is a website called

The creator of this website is Ben Pearson, who has become passionate about space since childhood. From the day the car was launched into space, he saw that many people were asking about tracking the Tesla Roadster. So he decided to create a website which tracks the car in space.

The current location of the car is 2.5 million miles (4 million km, 0.027 AU) from the Earth, which is 7,568 miles/hour (12,180 km / h, 3.38 km/second) away from Earth.

The car is moving towards Mars with a speed of 43,261 miles/hour (69622 km / h, 19.34 km/second). So far the car is 13.5 million miles (21.8 million km, 1.463 AU) away from Mars

NASA has released accurate information where the roadster in space, so Pearson has found a way to store NASA’s data on his website in order to track the car. Now we can track the car’s orbit around the Sun, along with Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and dwarf planets Ceres’ classes, on the map of our solar system. We can also follow the car’s path by the end of the year 2020, and also check when the car will be close to Mars or closer to Earth.

According to Pearson, the car will go to our planet in 2091, he further said that it would be a good time to get back the car for “space enthusiast” so that it could end in the museum. More likely, the car is just going to float around the space and possibly 10 million years there may be an accident in Earth, Venus or Sun.

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