About TechTars

Welcome to the world of FINANCE.

TechTars is one of the Fintech startups. Provide stock market investment education to retail investors, Latest financial news, forex trading education, and guide about personal finance.

What will you find on TechTars?

  • Latest Financial News
  • Stock market and forex market learning.
  • Real-time quotes of the financial market.
  • Livestock market and forex market exchange data, and more.
  • Informative videos of FINANCE 

“Risk comes from not knowing what are you doing.”
      –   Warren Buffet

Our mission is to deliver complex financial knowledge with simple and easy language. We love to simplify complex financial stuff. We help new investors and traders to become better. We provide financial news, financial education, and empowerment.

Man behind TechTars

Yadav patle

Hi, I am Yadav Patle.

I am an Automation QA Engineer, Entrepreneur. I am a stock Investor and forex trader, I believe in smart work and self-improvement …. I like to read finance and stock market-related news in my free time. I also like to read some personal finance books. I like to do some technology-related things. Morning walks are my favorite.

My Education

I completed my Engineering at Priyadarshini College of Engineering, Nagpur, and Batch of 2019

I am also exposed to courses like basic finance. During my college days, I got infatuated with finance, stocks, and companies. Along with studying Civil engineering, I got attracted to investment and trading in my free time.

Also in my free time, I learn WordPress (An open-source content management system) and make my website (www.techtars.com) my own.

In my college time, I was aware of the potential and power of the stock market and investment. So many people of India still have no idea about the stock market and, 55% of people in developed countries like the USA invest in the stock market.

I understand this opportunity and start learning investment and trading in this growing economy.

In final year I got placed in one of the stock market advisory company, and I grab this opportunity to learn financial market and investment. In this company, I work as an associate financial consultant (AFC) for 6 months, and then I left my job.

When I start understanding the financial market I grab it very quickly but there was no specific source of knowledge.

There are so many people on the internet misguiding their audience by giving them half knowledge. And so many new players lose all their money at their initial stage. To overcome these problems I started TechTars.

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: All information and knowledge giving by this website only be considered for education purposes. Before implementing any advice from me and this website take help from your financial adviser.

Thank you!