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Welcome to the world of FINANCE.

What will you find on TechTars?

  • Latest Financial news
  • Stock market and forex market learning.
  • Real time quotes of financial market.
  • Live stock market and forex market exchange data, and more.
  • Informative videos of FINANCE 

“Risk comes from not knowing what are you doing.”
      –   Warren Buffet

We love to simplify complex financial information. We provide financial news, financial education and empowerment.

We bought the domain Techmag.co.in on 2 Feb 2016. Techmag founded on 29 Aug 2015 first in the form of the Facebook page.

Name of TechMag change to TechTars.com at 4 Dec 2017

Man behind TechTars

Techtars Yadav patle
Yadav Patle Founder CEO & Editor

He complete his Civil Engineering from Priyadaarshini College of engineering, Nagpur. Traveling, Blogging, Hearing music, Reading and playing with technical stuff are his hobbies.