About TechTars – History of TechTars and CEO Yadav Patle

 About TechTars

Howdy, Friends!

Welcome to the world of technology.

What will you find on TechTars?

  • Latest technology news which occurs around our modern world.
  • Online store with the best shopping experience.
  • Review of new internet product
  • We give information about Blogging and to the new internet user.
  • Informative videos of the latest technology 
  • Entertaining, Informative and motivational eBooks
  • How to” guide for new bloggers

TechTars is the latest technology news media property, reviewing the latest internet product. We cover information about Blogging, , SEO and affiliate marketing.

I bought the domain Techmag.co.in on 2 Feb 2016. Techmag founded on 29 Aug 2015 first in the form of the Facebook page.

Name of TechMag change to TechTars.com at 4 Dec 2017


Hello From Yadav Patle(That’s me:)

Techmag Yadav Patle

Hey there,

My name is Yadav Patle. I am the founder of TechTars. I like to share information on technology.

I am currently pursuing my B.E. in Civil Engineering at a Priyadarshini College of Engineering at Nagpur. Traveling, Blogging, Hearing music, Reading and playing with technical stuff are my favorite hobbies. I started my journey of blogging with the help of Blogspot. Blogspot (Blogger) is the free platform to start your blog. You can become more famous more professional only with the help of . After realizing this truth I immediately move from Blogger to without losing time.

I like simplicity in every work and article hence I convert complex stuff in simple stuff.

After some day I make my youtube channel “TechTars“. In this channel, I provide videos on latest technology news.

That’s it for now! See you next time, Friends!

                     You can know more about me at my personal website CLICK HERE