Yadav Patle

Top 5 Discount Brokers In India 2021. Stockbroker With Lower Brokerage.

Top 5 Discount Brokers in India 2021: Zerodha was established in 2010. The concept of discount brokerage brings a revolutionary change in the stock market industry. Discount brokers like Zerodha and others offer low brokerage due to which a lot of customers get attracted to this type of broker. Then other brokers also start copying …

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Top 10 Blue Chip Stocks in India 2024 for long-term Investment.

Introduction Best Blue Chip Stocks in India for Investment: There are more than 5000 stocks in NSE and BSE. These all stocks are categorized into many groups. First, you can categorized stock based on market capitalization as follow. 1. Small-cap 2. Mid-cap 3. Large-cap Based on stock characteristics, they are categorized as a growth stock, …

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5 Best Investing Books for Beginners 2024

Best Investing Books for Beginners 2024: There are hundreds of books and thousands of websites to learn about investing in the “Stock Market”. It is very difficult to find good decent investing books. If you want to make your fundamental knowledge strong then you should definitely go through these books. This book will help you …

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