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If you want to know the secret of successful trading then you must know Candlestick patterns. The candlestick pattern ebook is your comprehensive guide to understanding complex market charts. With the help of this ebook you can unlock the wisdom of Japanese candlestick charts and using them you can make profitable trading decisions.

    In this “CANDLESTICK PATTERN eBook” you will find :

    Introduction to candlestick Patterns:

    From the doji to the engulfing pattern, learn the fundamentals of candlestick charting. Understand how each candlestick conveys important market sentiment information.

    Pattern and Strategies :

    Learn about a variety of candlestick patterns and tactics, such as bullish and bearish patterns, reversal signals, and continuation patterns. Learn how to spot high-probability trade setups.

    Risk Management:

    Learn how to manage risk and safeguard your capital when trading with candlestick patterns. To maximize your gains, learn how to establish stop-loss orders and position-sizing procedures.

    Candlestick Patterns Exercise:

    The Market Structure:

    How to Trade Trending Markets
    Support and Resistance Levels
    How to Draw Trendlines
    The Ranging Market

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