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5 Default Privacy setting to keep your personal data secure


Most of the time we don’t read updated data policies which receive in our inbox. We also never see the privacy setting of our online product. That is the reason big tech giants like Google, Facebook are taking advantage of that. Here we give some tips on the default privacy setting to keep your personal data secure.

Personal data secure techtars


95% of people are too busy with their work and also confused about what to enable and what to disable. If you don’t take any action then the internet can be a dangerous place for you.

If you want to sort out these all problems then you are at the right place. Give me 15 minutes and I can give direction to come in the club of 5% people. Nowadays data protection and security is an important factor for human beings.

It is hard to maintain privacy on the internet but not impossible.

Here are some Default Privacy setting to keep your personal data secure.

1) Basic fundamental activities

A)You may know the following setting already suggested by the National Cybersecurity Alliance, but it not hurt you to reminder because they are so important.

Be aware before opening any email received in your inbox. Some of the emails should be suspicious or unusual, social media, financial services, or utility account. Should not open an email like that delete it immediately.

If you receive an email regarding your bank account or payment dot respond.

B) Update your System

Always keep your computer’s, laptop’s, mobile’s opening systems updated. Keep your browser, security software up to date. If possible turn on auto update on.

2) Use Security Software

Install security software like net protectors and antivirus software to avoid the leak of your personal data.

Use a firewall: You must protect your computer from the unwanted network traffic. Now a day modern operating systems release with built-in firewall protection. Make sure they are turned on.

3) Social Media Privacy Setting

Most of the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin offers you to protect your privacy, but it’s all up to you to use or customize them.

90% people ignore that privacy settings. If you want to keep your personal data secure then you should follow these steps

Facebook Privacy Setting

1 After login to facebook click on “Setting”

2 Select ‘Privacy’

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Access your Facebook privacy settings: If you want to show your information to your Friends then select “Friends” only. To increase the availability of information select “Friends of friend”.

To learn more click here

4) Blocking of Cookies

Blocking of cookies is another best way to protect your personal data. Due to the blocking of cookies, it is hard to guess last time you visited the website and what is your username.

Blocking Cookies Techtars

Here are some plug-ins for the browser that help block cookies.

AdBlock Plus



5) Strong Password

Always use the strong password, because a combination of username and password is the root of all evil if you not maintain it properly. Your password should be more than 8 characters. It should contain Alphabet, numbers and special characters(@,# etc.). Is should not be easy to remember and not easy to guess. Due to laziness some people keep their password short and always use the repetitive password, it is wrong.

Do not use the same password for both entertainment website and business websites. Mostly security of entertainment website is low, by hacking your password from entertainment website they can use it against business websites.


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