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5 Reason why should Migrate From Blogger to WordPress

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Many people start their blogging career with Blogger. Blogger is good choice to start their new blog. It is a free platform for blogging. No doubt, Blogger is one of the best platform for new bloggers. I start my journey with Blogger. Recently I migrated from blogger to WordPress, from my experience WordPress is the best platform for whom who want to be more famous. who want to make more money from their blog. If you are a serious blogger then WordPress is the best option.

There are some reasons why I hate Blogger/Blogspot

  • Not more powerful like WordPress
  • Poor SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Not professional look
  • Less self-control
  • Not more professional templates and widgets are available
  • Bad comment area
  • Bad customer service
  • And so on…..

5 Reason to Migrate from Blogger  to WordPress

WordPress is a free platform. You have to pay for hosting WordPress. Number of Users of WordPress all over the world is greater than Blogger. That alone is fair enough to tell how amazing WordPress is but we are going to take this discussion a little deeper and show that how really important to Migrate From Blogger to WordPress.

1. Best SEO:

Everybody know that Blogger is the product of Google. Blogger makes a long page of HTML codes that makes low SEO friendly. Although its SEO managed by Google. WordPress is the legend to rock SEO. And achieve the first-page rank. There is no algorithm, there is nothing better than WordPress. WordPress is best option to get high traffic. SEO is the main reason to migrate from Blogger to WordPress.    Yoast SEO is the best plugin for WordPress. By using this you can get high rank on Google easily.

2. Nice Design option:

Wordpress design Techtars

Blogger have so many limitations you not do many changes according to you. WordPress has so many freedom you can give any shape according to you.

WordPress is very popular than Blogger. There are millions of WordPress themes are available. You can make any blog like Cooking, Technology, News, Fashion easily by using WordPress.

3. Full Control:

If you are using self-hosting WordPress then no one has the power to delete your website except without breaking the rule of hosting site. If you are using a platform like Blogger or other hosted site then they can delete or remove your website without giving any warning.

This important region to Migrate From Blogger to WordPress

4. Faster loading:

I already tell that blogger to use HTML long coded page that results in poor SEO and increases loading time. WordPress has a tendency to achieve high speed by default. If you want to increase the speed of your website then you can use various plugins for that.

5. Easily manageable:

WordPress is very easy to manage. You can manage many things in single Dashboard.

WordPress is very easy to learn. You can see the result instantly as compared to blogger.

WordPress has also features like Easy to sell, No need to coding all done by using plugins, Permalink feature etc.

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