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5 Default Privacy setting to keep your personal data secure

Most of the time we don’t read updated data policies which receive in our inbox. We also never see the privacy setting of our online product. That is the reason big tech giants like Google, Facebook are taking advantage of that. Here we give some tips on the default privacy setting to keep your personal data secure.   95% […]

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A Study on Light Weight Characteristics of Self Compacting Concrete Using Fine Pumice Powder and Coconut Shell

ABSTRACT— combining the advantages of Light Weight Concrete (LWC) and Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) is a new field of research. Considering its light weight of structure and ease of placement, Light-weight self-compacting concrete (LWSCC) may be the answer to the increasing construction requirements of slender and more heavily reinforced structural elements. Results showed that Pumice […]

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Huawei’s new MateBook X Pro laptop has incredibly tiny bezels

Huawei is not sending messages of another leader telephone to Mobile World Congress this year, however, there is a trio of big-screening gadgets to fit into it. To get started, Huawei’s new workstation, Matbook X Pro. Like a year ago, like Metbok X, its show is a fascinating framework with a lot of thin bezel […]

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Advanced Construction Technique In Civil Engineering – Mivan Technology Techtars

Advanced Construction Technique In Civil Engineering – Mivan Technology

In recent times due to globalization, the construction industry has started working with new technology. This report is based on the modern method of construction and smart material that can be used to enhance the construction technique. With a growing focus on “Housing for All” the use of new construction techniques. One such technology is “ […]

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Future Technology that will Change the Whole World

Phones appeared on the market close to two decades ago as the alternative to mobile phones which carry the primary function to enable only two-way communication by text or calls. The smartphones of today have other extended capabilities including inbuilt high-quality camera lenses, mobile apps that aid productivity, video-streaming as well as connectivity that enable […]

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